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Best Toddler & Kids Ninja Costumes in 2022

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Costumes are a great way for kids to explore and use their imagination. With the influx of ninja cartoons, your little one might be interested in being a ninja. Give your child a chance to make that “dream” come true with these amazing ninja costumes for kids.

Our list below include the top options for kids ninja costumes with a summary and the pros/cons for each one. We also highlight what makes each one stand out. Our hope is that it helps you save time in finding a great option for you son or daughter this coming Halloween.

If you’re still not sure which one to get you’ll want to check out our buying guide at the end with further tips on choosing the best kids & toddler ninja costumes.

Our List of the Top Boys & Girls Ninja Costumes


Dino Charge Deluxe Toddler Pink Power Ranger Costume


Who says boys get to have all the fun? If your little girl is totally into the Power Rangers, then this is the perfect ninja costume for her. Let your princess transform into Saban, the pink Dino Charge with this officially licensed Power Rangers costume! The set includes a jumpsuit with a soft belt buckle, a removable shoulder piece, and the helmet/facemask. Made from a comfortable polyester, this costume keeps up with your little one as she saves the world. She is sure to have the time of her life with this one, and your little girl will love the bright pink color!


• Durable quality material, much more durable than traditional costume material
• Officially licensed, your child will feel like a real Power Ranger


Silver lining of the mask may peel off easily
• Runs small, so you should order a size up

What Makes This Stand Out?

This costume stands out because of its durability. Many parents rave about the amazing polyester material. It is super durable, yet breathable and flexible. No matter what the occasion, this girls ninja costume is sure to turn some heads.


California Costumes Stealth Ninja Childrens Costume


After years of training, your child has become a “stealth” ninja. Let that achievement shine with this real-looking ninja costume. This costume comes with a jumpsuit, a belt with foam stars, and a facemask. The overall quality of the costume is outstanding and perfect for all-day wear. The ninja hood comes in a multi-wear design. Your boy can wear it up or down, depending on the mission. With an attached facemask made of a super-thin material, your ninja can breathe easily throughout the day. Your boy can have twice the fun with the included action figure that matches the costume. The nunchucks aren’t included, so make sure to grab those.


• The thin fabric of the face mask is easy to breathe through
• Durable quality material
• Accurate sizing
• Comes with a bonus toy


• Stars tend to become tattered easily

What Makes This Stand Out?

TheStealth Ninja Costume includes several details that add up to the perfect ninja look. From the full jumpsuit with the attached “armor” to the belt to hold his stars, your boy will look like the perfect ninja. The material holds up well, making this costume one of the best choices for active, older boys.


Ninja Warrior by California Costumes


Boys of all ages want to be ninjas. With the Ninja Warrior Child Costume, your boy can complete the most secret missions to save the world. This polyester jumpsuit isn’t binding or constricting, and it is super comfortable if your warrior wants to wear it all day long. The Ninja Warrior set comes with the ninja jumpsuit, a face mask, and an attached hood. A belt to hold his ninja star completes the look. Although it doesn’t come with any weapons, this costume is perfect for any party or gathering. Its black color allows your ninja to complete his missions with ease.


• Thin and breathable polyester material
• Comes with a face mask and attached ninja hood
• The belt holds a ninja star
• Loose and comfortable fit


• Inconsistent sizing
• No accessories
• Runs small

What Makes This Stand Out?

Whether it’s for a costume party or make-believe, the California Costumes Ninja Warrior Costume delivers. It fits loosely on active little boys, so they won’t feel constricted by the polyester material. The attached hood and the belt with the ninja star make this costume a favorite of parents and kids.



Ninja Kids Costume


Another great ninja costume for older kids is the InCharacter Ninja Kids Costume. This black, red, and gold costume works for any occasion where you need ninja assistance. It is available in several youth sizes, so boys of all ages can dress the part. Available from extra small to large, you can find the right size for your boy. Unlike most ninja costumes that come in jumpsuits, the InCharacter Ninja Kids Costume is a shirt and pant set that keeps your warrior more comfortable. The hood is attached to the shirt, and the costume comes with a facemask for super-stealth missions. With a sash belt, he can tie it as loose or as tight as he likes. The sword isn’t included in the set, but the best ninjas don’t need them.


• Available in multiple youth sizes
• Hood is attached to the shirt
Costume is two separate pieces (instead of a jumpsuit) for more comfortable wear
• Comes with a sash belt that ties around the waist


• Doesn’t include the ninja sword
• Color of the costume may look different than the picture

What Makes This Stand Out?

The design of this costume is easiest the best-selling point of this costume. The separate shirt and pant set is easy to put on and take off, making dress up days a snap. Since it comes in sizes for older kids, they can dress up as their favorite ninja character.


Silver Mirror Ninja Costume


So far, the items on this list have been kids’ costumes, but what about your teenager who is into cosplay? Let him dress up like his favorite character with the Fun World Silver Mirror Ninja Kids Costume. This outfit comes in multiple sizes to fit both younger and older boys. It comes up to a size 14, which is perfect for your preteen or teenager. The Silver Mirror Ninja Kids Costume comes with a shirt and pants set with a hood and a silver face mask. He can wear the face mask to completely hide his identity. There is mixed feedback on how easy it is for your boy to see out of the silver mask, but you can remove it for him. The chest armor and the wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the outfit with Velcro straps, making the costume completely customizable.


• Comfortable polyester material
• Armor, wrist and ankle cuffs attach with Velcro
• Roomy fit


• Doesn’t come with ninja sword or shoes
• Mixed feedback on how easy it is to see out of the reflective mask

What Makes This Stand Out?

This Ninja Kids Costume is the perfect match for older kids and teenagers. The larger size options and the ability to put on and take off the accessories allow your ninja to make this outfit all his own.


Ninja Ghost by InCharacter Costumes

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


For another unique take on the traditional ninja costume, the InCharacter Ninja Costume is white so it can double as a ghost costume. The white tunic and pant set is made of a thin, comfortable polyester material that won’t overheat or constrict your ninja. Available in larger sizes, up to a size 12, the Ghost Ninja Costume is another great option for tweens and teens that need an outfit for Halloween or costume parties. The set also comes with the dragon-themed chest armor, a red sash that ties around the waist, and a facemask.


• Available in LG and XL sizes
• Comes with hooded tunic, pants, armor, and sash belt
• Armor has dragon-print
Thin polyester material is breathable and comfortable


• White fabric gets dirty easily
• Doesn’t come with a ninja sword

What Makes This Stand Out?

Although this Ghost Ninja Costume only comes in larger sizes, it is a great alternative to the traditional black ninja costume. This white and red outfit is the perfect outfit for any dragon-slayer. It is one of the simplest costumes to put on, with minimal pieces. It stands out for its appearance and its comfort.

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Buyers Guide to the Best Ninja Outfits for Kids

Halloween isn’t the only occasion that warrants a good costume. Kids costume parties or just playing dress up are all good reasons to go shopping for a great costume. Costumes are a great way to let your child’s imagination run wild. They can literally be anything they want any time they want with the right costume.

Popular Types of Costumes for All Ages

When it comes to infants and toddlers, parents tend to go for something sweeter and more adorable. As your child grows and their personality and imagination develop, they start to want something more in the spirit of Halloween like scary costumes. Even if it’s not Halloween, a good costume can be loads of fun for kids of all ages.

Comparison to Other Costume Types

Compared to other types of costumes, ninja costumes are easy to get on and take off as most of them are just one-piece jumpsuits with a few attachable accessories. These costumes are made of breathable, lightweight material for comfortable all-day wear. You can easily purchase cheap accessories to go with any ninja costume making it fully customizable and a lot of fun for your child.

What to Consider when Purchasing a Ninja Costume?

Things to consider when purchasing a ninja costume is, they type of ninja your child wants to be, colors, sizes, style, and comfort. Smaller children likely will not want a lot of accessories attached to their costume or a mask that covers their face. Older children will want something that is easy to take off and doesn’t get in the way of play time. Most of the ninja costumes will require that your child wear something underneath the costume, but since the material is so lightweight this won’t pose a comfort issue.

Choose a costume that will accommodate your child’s activity level and is appropriate for the time of year. A costume with a light material may be a bit chilly in colder weather and vice versa.

Final Thoughts on the Top Ninja Costumes for Children

This guide is designed to give you everything you need to choose the perfect ninja costume for your child no matter what the occasion. Ninja’s can be a lot of fun and the perfect ninja costume can get your child right in the mindset and enhance their already strong imagination.

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