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Best Kids & Baby Pumpkin Costumes in 2022

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Finding a high-quality pumpkin costume can be a ton of fun for your little one to wear. They can also look incredibly cute too.

However, discovering a costume that’s best for your baby or child can be tricky. There are many choices available and it can become hard trying to distinguish between the different types.

To get a better idea of what the best kids and baby pumpkin costumes have to offer, check out our review. A buyers guide section is also available at the end to provide you with more information.

The costumes in our review can be excellent choices for Halloween parties, as well as any other kind of dress-up event!

Our List of the Top Kids Pumpkin Costumes


Pumpkin Cutie Pie


The Pumpkin Cute Pie Costume has been made using 100% polyester materials. As a result, you can expect your little one to to be super comfortable while wearing it for hours on end.

These materials also make the costume very easy to wash by hand. We liked how the design of this costume is super bright as it makes it more exciting for babies to play with.

It comes with a pumpkin face design on the tunic, as well as a hat. You can be sure that your little one will look super cute while wearing this costume on Halloween or any kind of dress-up event.

  • Soft polyester materials
  • Easy to wash
  • Bright design
  • The hat runs a bit larger than some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

0 – 2 years

What makes this stand out?

The bright design used to make this costume makes it more fun for babies to wear at parties and various events. With polyester materials, your child is able to remain comfortable while wearing it for hours on end.


Pumpkin Plush


This costume has been made with remarkably soft plush materials. These materials ensure that your little one is able to remain comfortable, even while wearing the costume for hours on end.

We liked how they’ve designed the body of the costume with a pumpkin face and provided a hat for your child to wear. This provides them with the effect of feeling like a pumpkin, which they’ve been having a blast with.

This costume is excellent for dress-up events. Kids have a blast playing with each other while dressed up as they’re able to come up with imaginative role play games. This is great for your child’s creative thinking skills.

  • Inspires creativity
  • Soft plush materials
  • Bright design
  • Some find the outfit sizes are a little smaller than they were hoping for
What age is this recommended for?

1 – 2 years

What makes this stand out?

With soft plush materials, your little one is able to run around at parties to have a ton of fun for hours on end. They’re also able to play with a lot of imagination.


Baby Plush Pumpkin Bunting Costume

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


Parents have been appreciating how this pumpkin costume comes with a zipper that’s available on the side. This is because it provides you with easy access into the costume without having to take it off.

As a result, diaper changes can be a breeze. Although, putting the costume on and taking it off is also incredibly easy. This is a result of the one-piece design that has been used. You can easily slip it on and take it off.

We liked how they have used super bright orange colors to design this one. It makes it more visually appealing for babies and gets them more exciting to play in it. You’re also able to spot clean the costume.

  • Bright colors
  • Easy-to-use one-piece design
  • Side zipper for easy access
  • Some find the costume is damaged upon delivery
What age is this recommended for?

0 – 8 months

What makes this stand out?

This costume is great if you’re taking your baby to an event that you’re going to be at for a while. You’re able to have easy access into the costume to make changing diapers a breeze.


Halloween Cute Pumpkin Fancy Costume

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This Halloween Fancy Costume has been made using a cotton lining on the inside and fleece materials on the outside. The cotton liners are excellent for keeping your little one comfortable for hours on end.

We liked how this costume has a zippered design too. This is because it makes it very easy for parents to put the costume on and take it off their baby’s. It’s also best to hand wash this costume rather than machine wash it.

In addition to this, the hood makes this a complete costume. Babies have a blast with this design because it covers them completely. Children feel encouraged to play with more imagination as a result of the complete design.

  • Soft & comfortable materials
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Easy-to-use zippered design
  • The thicker materials can get too warm for babies in warmer weather
What age is this recommended for?

6 – 24 months

What makes this stand out?

The zippered design available with this costume makes it very easy for you to put on and take off your baby. They’re also able to stay comfortable due to the cotton liner that has been used.


Wiswell Pumpkin Costume


The Wiswell Pumpkin Costume has been made using high-quality velvet materials. We were impressed with this feature because it provides your baby with a lot of comfort and enables them to play for hours on end.

This material is also very breathable. As a result, plenty of air is able to circulate throughout the costume to prevent your baby from becoming too hot. You can also be sure that your little one’s skin won’t be irritated.

In addition to this, the bottom of the costume has an elastic material which allows for a precise fit. The hat also has elastic materials which make it super easy to adjust at any time.

  • Easily adjustable elastic
  • High-quality velvet materials for comfort
  • Breathable design
  • The thinner materials may not be so great during colder weather
What age is this recommended for?

6 months old – 3 years

What makes this stand out?

We liked how they’ve used velvet materials as they’re super soft and allow babies to play in the costume for hours while being comfortable. You can also easily adjust the costume and the hat due to the elastic materials.


Rubie’s Baby Pumpkin Costume

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


Rubie’s Baby Pumpkin Costume has been made using 100% polyester materials. So, you can feel confident in knowing that your little one will be able to wear the costume for hours on end comfortably.

We also liked how they have made the costume using fuzzy materials on the outside. This provides it with a fun visual appeal and it babies love feeling it. These different textures can be stimulating for babies.

Being able to feel various textures is an excellent way to improve their tactile abilities.The costume doesn’t come with legs or sleeves. Therefore, you’ll have to find the appropriate clothing to go underneath this costume.

  • Soft & comfortable materials
  • Fuzzy materials can improve tactile abilities
  • Some find that the hat is a little larger than they were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

4 – 12 years old

What makes this stand out?

With the polyester materials on the inside, babies and kids are able to feel super comfortable while wearing this costume. The fuzzy materials can also be great for your little one’s tactile abilities.


Pumpkin Halloween Costume


This Pumpkin Halloween Costume comes with a hood, jumpsuit, and fun design that makes it super exciting for babies to wear and play with. You can be sure that your little one will look cute in this one.

Furthermore, the design encourages babies and toddlers to play with more imagination. As a result, their creative thinking processes are able to develop. We also liked how they’re used high-quality materials.

There’s a polar fleece fabric available that has a remarkably soft feel to it. In addition to this, it allows for a lot of air to flow throughout the costume to keep your child cool. Overall, these materials are very comfortable.

  • Soft & comfortable materials
  • Inspires creative play
  • Exciting design
  • The horns don’t stay up as well as some were hoping for
What age is this recommended for?

0 – 2 years old

What makes this stand out?

Parents have been loving how cute their babies look in this costume. Your little one is also able to wear it for hours on end and feel comfortable due to the materials used.

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Buyers Guide to the Best Pumpkin Costumes for Kids

A pumpkin costume can be fantastic for Halloween, however, it can also be a lot of fun for other dress up parties too. Being sure to find the right one for your child is crucial to ensure that they’re comfortable and that they look cute.

Now that you have a better idea of what some of the top kids pumpkin costumes have to offer, you can begin to narrow down your search to find the one that you think would be best for your little one.

However, if you were looking for a little more guidance on how to go about doing this, the buyers guide section below is for you.

Pumpkin Outfits for Babies vs Toddlers vs Kids

Finding a toddler pumpkin costume and one for babies will provide you with some pretty similar results. Many of these costumes come with a design that makes it easier for you to put the costume on and take it off of your baby.

There are also options that come with snaps. These snaps make it very convenient for you to change your little one’s diapers without having to take off the entire outfit. This can be especially handy for longer parties and events.

The infant pumpkin costumes are usually available in a one-piece design. Some of them will come with a hood that’s attached to the back of the costume. Others may provide you with the hat to wear separately from the rest of the costume.

As far as the pumpkin costumes go for older kids, they may not always come as a one-piece design. They often include the main body as well as a hat. Therefore, if you’re looking for pumpkin costumes for older kids, you may need to consider buying additional clothing items to cover their arms and legs.

Popular Types of Baby Pumpkin Costumes

While reading through our review, and doing any research of your own, you will have seen that there are a few different kinds of pumpkin costumes for boys and girls available. To get a better understanding of what makes these costumes different, take a quick look below.


The one-piece pumpkin costumes are ideal for infants because they’re very easy for you to put onto your baby and take them off. They also cover your little one from head-to-toe, without needing any additional items.

Bubble Style

These pumpkin costumes are among the most popular because of how cute babies look while wearing them. The bubble design is larger and your little one is able to have a lot of fun wearing them and running around.

However, these ones may be best for Halloween parties.


Jumpsuits can be a fun option that may be more suitable for a range of different parties, compared to the bubble style costumes. This is because they have a more relaxed design that still leaves your baby looking very cute.

They also tend to come with the hat separately to the rest of the costume.

Final Thoughts on Popular Kids Pumpkin Costumes

So, that wraps up our review on the top boy and baby girl pumpkin costumes that are available. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, age recommendations, and the aspects that make each costume stand out.

That’s what will provide you with the best idea of the one that would suit your little one the most. Hopefully, all the information in our review has helped you to feel more confident about a boy or girls pumpkin dress up outfit.

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