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34 Best Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Boys in 2020

If you’re on the hunt for gift for a 17 year old boy then you’ll find this article quite useful. Here we have included a gift list of our top picks to the best stuff for older teen guys.

Boy of this age enjoy a lot of different types of stuff so it may be harder for you to make a decision when shopping for them. Do they want something fun or are they looking for more practical things that they can make use of for years to come?

When shopping and crafting your gift list consider their interests… Are they into music and thus would enjoy a bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones? Do they like gaming and would possibly enjoy a new VR headset? We encourage you to pay close attention to the hobbies of the boy you’re buying for so that you can be sure that you get him something he will actually like.

In this list we have made sure to included a wide variety of types of gifts with only the highest rated options!

Our List of the Best Gifts for 17 Yr Old Guys

Now that we’ve covered what this gift guide is about lets get to the list so you can find some great stuff for the young man you’re shopping for. If you look through the list and are still unsure about what to get your boy and need additional help there is a buying guide at the end, which is designed to inspire further thought and help you choose something he will love!

Land Surfboard 


We liked how this is a unique gift that lets teen bys experience what it’s like to surf in the water, but on land instead. This Rip Stik board has been made with a design that provides you with the feeling or surfing like you’re on a real surfboard.

They’ve included a fiber reinforced polymer material to construct the board. This is super lightweight to make it easy for teens to perform different tricks on.

  • Traction pad is textured for grip
  • Encourages older boys to be outdoors instead of playing video games   
  • Doesn’t work so well on cracked surfaces 
What makes this stand out?

The caster wheels that have been fitted come with a 360-degree spinning feature. Therefore, teens are able to carry out a range of tricks.

Altair Outlaw SE Drone


The Outlaw SE Drone is a great gift for a boy who is celebrating his 17th birthday and comes with amazing features to give them unique flight experiences.

This drone is equipped with GPS features and its GPS flight mode gives pilots added stability to help them easily control their drone. The Outlaw comes with a handful of flight modes including one-touch takeoff and landing, headless mode, and return to home. These are all helpful to beginner-pilots and help flyers be in control at all times.

The Outlaw also comes with a built-in 1080p HD camera that is great for capturing aerial photos and videos as well as letting users experience flight from a first-person view. They will be able to fly for nearly 20 minutes and have a lot of freedom with the drone’s 600 meter flight range.

  • Long Battery Life
  • High-Quality Camera
  • Multiple Flight Modes
  • GPS Must be Calibrated Each Time
What makes this option stand out?

The GPS features on this drone are amazing and helpful for teenage guys who are just learning to fly. The camera is high-quality, and the battery life gives boys plenty of practice time.

Insulated Water Bottle 


This water bottle by Hydro Flask comes with excellent insulation technology that works to keep drinks either cold or warm. When you put warm drinks inside, it can keep it heated for 6 hours.

You can also use it to keep drinks, like water and juice, cold for up to a day. People have been liking the size of this water bottle as well. It fits well into various cup holders and water bottle holders on bikes.

  • Wide straw available on the lid
  • No condensation
  • Some find it can be prone to denting easily      
What makes this stand out?

We were impressed with how they’ve implemented a powdered coating on the exterior of the bottle. This works to provide you with lots of grip to avoid accidental slippages.

Snack Pack – Box of Treats 


With an impressive range of 60 different snacks included, you can be sure that a teenage guy will be able to spend some time getting through them all!

We liked how they’ve made sure to include a good variety of snacks. These include savory options, like biscuits and crackers. There are also a range of sweets, cereals, and chocolates. There are even healthy snacks included too.

  • Deluxe snacks included 
  • Gift packaging available      
  • Some would prefer if they could choose the snacks             
What makes this stand out?

Teens who are having a stressful time with school and studying could use these snacks to keep themselves going! If they like it a lot, a monthly subscription option is also available which can be convenient.

Mini RC Drone


Mini RC drone has been made for teens who have different experience levels with flying drones. The one key function allows the drone to takeoff and land on its own smoothly.

A headless mode has been implemented as well. This works effectively to automatically bring the drone back towards you if it ever goes out of range. In addition to this, an altitude hold mode is available too.

We liked how this keeps the drone in one place without you having to touch the controls. Furthermore, teens can easily pack this drone up to take it with them to fly in different places due to the folding design.

  • Great for all experience levels 
  • Easily portable 
  • Headless mode included    
  • Charging plug could be more durable     
What makes this stand out?

We liked how this drone is great for all experience levels. They’re also able to pack it and take it with them while they’re on the move to fly in different spots due to the folding design.

Beef Jerky Snack Pack


Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky package comes with a total of 12 different packs to try out. We liked how each pack has been made with different flavors. There are BBQ, Hickory Pepper, Chipotle, and more flavors included.

Each of the packets is 1.5 oz, which means that teenagers have a good amount in each pack. People have been mentioning how the beef is very tender and moist. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that the meat is of a high standard.

  • Cooler bag features a handle for easy portability       
  • Unique gift idea 
  • Some mention that it’s saltier than they were anticipating             
What makes this stand out?

A cooler is included with this package. We were impressed with how it has been insulated to make sure that it can keep things cool. Therefore, you’re able to save on space by keeping the beef jerky stored in the cooler.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker Watch


Teens who are into fitness can use this watch to track their heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and their quality of sleep. These functions are great for helping to keep track of their fitness to continue improving.

This small watch is an excellent option as a stocking stuffer for your son.

  • 5 day battery life
  • Easy to read OLED display 
  • Alarms available    
  • Watch band could be more durable
What makes this stand out?

The GPS feature means that young men are able to keep track of their activity in real time. People have been liking how the GPS function lets them see their running routes and times to beat.

Lego Ship in a Bottle Building Set


This Lego kit enables teens to build a ship in a bottle that can look fantastic when put on display. It comes with an impressive total of 962 pieces which makes it difficult enough that you can be sure that a 17 year old boy will love this Lego set since it will keep themselves occupied for quite a while when assembling this set. It’s an excellent way for them to boost their creative thinking processes.

This set can also be used along with other Lego sets as well. As a result, teens can challenge themselves more to build more imaginative structures.

  • Looks great on display 
  • Compatible with other Lego sets 
  • Inspires creative thinking    
  • Some find pieces are missing upon delivery     
What makes this stand out?

With so many pieces available, teenage boys are able to keep themselves busy with assembling this kit for a while. It also looks great on display!

Slim Money Clip w/ Build-in Knife


This money clip has been made with a slim profile which makes it easier to store and hold. Therefore, you can be sure to take it around with you wherever you go easily. The thumb rest is serrated which improves the grip.

We also liked how there’s a small built-in knife available. This is fantastic for young men who are out camping or hiking. They can use it for a range of tasks while out in nature.

The stylish design is something that any seventeen year old boy would love.

  • Can hold up to 5 credit cards
  • Rust proof design 
  • Knife requires more maintenance than some were expecting
What makes this stand out?

The money clip has been made with strong steel materials that keep it durable. They’ve even coated it in titanium to make it able to withstand being used outdoors.

Phillips Grooming Kit


Teenage boys can use this trimmer to shave their head, face, and body. This is a result of the 23 different attachments that are available.

We were impressed with how they’ve included DualCut technology. It works well to allow boys to get a precise trim consistently.

  • Rubber grip for lots of control
  • 5 hour battery life after being fully charged 
  • Ear & nose trimmer included    
  • Trim guards can be tricky to put on & take off
What makes this stand out?

People have been liking how this trimmer is water resistant. This makes it super easy to clean out to keep it durable for longer.

Pocket Knife Tool 


There’s a total of 10 different tools and available inside this pocket knife. It includes a mini blade, wire stripper, screwdriver, scissors, and more. So, boys are provided with plenty of tools to put to use.

This is especially the case when it comes to hiking and camping. The stainless steel materials are great for keeping the pocket knife durable and strong when using it for different reasons outdoors.

  • Sleek design
  • Blade can be resharpened     
  • Logo doesn’t stay on as well after some time 
What makes this stand out?

The compact design of this pocket knife makes it super easy for you to keep it in your pocket and carry it around with you.

Portable Beats Bluetooth Speaker


The Pill by Beats is their smaller sized speaker which makes it great for teens to travel with. Its compact design means you can easily store it in your backpack while traveling.

After it has been fully charged, the speaker can last for a total of 12 hours. This is another one of the features that makes it great for using while on the move.

  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Can be used to charge devices with 
  • Different colors available  
  • Some would prefer if the bass was better 
What makes this stand out?

The speaker phone feature that’s included lets boys use it to receive and make calls and hear the person on the other end clearly.

Beanie with Built In Headphones


Teen guys can wear this beanie to keep their head warm while listening to music at the same time. This is a result of the high quality speakers that have been fitted onto both sides of the beanie.

The Bluetooth feature lets you connect the beanie to your phone to listen to music wirelessely. People have been liking how the beanie also feels comfortable to wear.

  • Can be used for hands free calls
  • 5 hour continuous battery life   
  • Music leaks a little more than some would prefer
What makes this stand out?

Boys who like to go on runs will love how well this beanie stays on their head. So, they can exercise in colder weather while keeping their head warm while being motivated and listening to music.

Waterproof Speaker for Showering


Guys are able to connect their devices to this speaker with the Bluetooth function. This lets them listen to their favorite songs without any wires. The sound quality of the speaker is pretty impressive too.

Users have been liking how the sound is clear and the bass is deep. In addition to this, you’re able to use the speaker for hands free calls. There’s an answer phone button on the speaker which makes it super easy to receive calls.

  • Waterproof 
  • 50 feet range between device & speaker
  • 10 hours of continuous battery life      
  • Not as durable as some were expecting
What makes this stand out?

A suction cup is available with the speaker which means that guys can stick it to different surfaces securely. Boys are able to use it to listen to music while showering as a result.

Hero 5 Black GoPro 


We were impressed with how this GoPro is able to take stunning videos and pictures in 4K and 12MP quality. There are also a range of camera modes that include time lapse, single, and burst.

In addition to this, the GoPro is waterproof. Boys can use it to take videos in waters that are up to 10 meters deep. The single button control also makes it very easy to use.

  • Footage can be send directly to your phone
  • Video stabilization for smooth footage 
  • Voice control available
  • Some experience some audio issues with recorded videos at times 
What makes this stand out?

Altering the different settings is super easy to do on the GoPro by looking at the small 2″ display screen that’s available.

Apocalypse Survival Kit


If you’re looking to buy a small gift for a teenage boy who has an interest in zombies, this could be a fantastic option. It comes in a tin box that can be reused for other purposes.

Inside the tin, there is a range of 24 items. This include a skull face mark, tactical knife, multi-tool, zombie warning stickers, hunting permit, and more. This provides teens with plenty of equipment to use.

This set is excellent for teenage guys who are going on camping or hiking trips. It comes with plenty of supplies that can be useful when on long trips.

  • Unique gift 
  • Reusable tin 
  • Great for hiking & camping trips    
  • A little smaller than some were expecting     
What makes this stand out?

Older boys have been able to put the items inside this kit to good use when it comes to camping and hiking trips. The zombie apocalypse theme is also a lot of fun.

Large Sports Water Bottle


This water bottle has been made using high-quality co-polyester materials that are incredibly durable. Therefore, the bottle can be taken around and be resistant to smashing.

With an ergonomic design, active teenagers are able to drink out of this bottle comfortable. We were also impressed with how there is a dust-proof feature that keeps the lid and water clean.

A strap is available that makes it easy to attach the bottle to bags. This makes it easier for teens to use the bottle while they’re on the move.

This is a great gift if you have a boyfriend who your trying to buy for.

  • Durable materials 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Strap for easy portability    
  • Some find the bottle is prone to leaking over time     
What makes this stand out?

This is a fantastic present for teenage boys who have an active lifestyle. The dust-proof feature is awesome for preventing dust from getting into the water.

Skin Care Set by Proraso 


This set is a perfect among gifts for a 17 year old boy who has sensitive skin. This is because it comes with a variety of creams that they can use while shaving.

This allows them to achieve a smooth shave while minimizing any irritation. It’s also good for different beards, whether they be long, medium, or short.

  • Instructions included
  • 3 creams in full sized containers     
  • Leaves residue which can be annoying to clean
What makes this stand out?

The tin that these skin care products come in is a limited edition version. It has a vintage design that looks fantastic.

Gaming Headset 


Are you looking to buy a present for 17 year old who is an avid gamer? If so, this gaming headset could be an excellent choice.

We liked how it’s compatible with a wide range of consoles and devices. These include Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. A 3.5 mm jack is available that allows it to be plugged into compatible devices too.

People have been impressed with the quality of sound that’s available. It’s incredibly sharp and allows teenagers to hear more things going on in the game that they weren’t able to hear before. The design of the ear muffs are also very comfortable.

  • Comfortable ear muffs 
  • Widely compatible 
  • High-quality sound    
  • Noise cancellation features don’t work as well as some were expecting     
What makes this stand out?

The sound quality available with these gaming headphones is superb. Teenagers are able to hear new things in familiar games which enhances the gaming experience.

3D Basketball Lamp


This lamp is a great gift idea that can add a unique lighting element to a teenage guys room. It can be altered between 2D and 3D graphics that look spectacular.

We liked how this one has a basketball design as it’s an awesome choice for teenagers who are fans of the sport. It comes with a variety of 7 colors for teenagers to choose between. These include blue, green, red, cyan, yellow, white, and purple.

These colors can also change on their own after being left for a while. The smart touch control feature makes it effortless to change between these colors. With a USB port, you can be sure that charging this lamp is super easy.

  • Great lighting addition to a teenager’s room 
  • 7 different colors to choose between 
  • Excellent basketball design    
  • Smaller than some were anticipating     
What makes this stand out?

Teens have been appreciating this gift as it lets them light their room up in 7 different colors. The 3D basketball also looks superb and adds a decorative element to their bedroom.

ATIMO Digital Sports Watch


This digital watch is a fantastic gift idea for 17 year old guys who are looking for a smartwatch that they can use on a daily basis. It comes with a range of functions that include dual time display, LED lights, a stopwatch, alarm clock, calendar, and more.

In addition to this, were impressed with how it comes with a waterproof design. It can be taken into depths of up to 50 meters, which means that teenagers can swim and keep the watch on.

Furthermore, the shock resistant design ensures that it will remain durable for a while. We also liked how the watch feels super comfortable to wear. This is a result of the high-quality PUP strap that’s breathable and wicks moisture away.

  • Comfortable 
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of useful functions available     
  • Settings can be difficult to configure     
What makes this stand out?

This is a great smartwatch that lets teens use the functions daily to keep on top of things. The waterproof design means that they don’t have to worry about taking the watch off while swimming or in the shower.

Video Game Headset


If you’re searching for stuff for 17 year old boys who are into gaming, this headset could be a great choice. It has an over ear design, which means that teens are able to remain comfortable.

We liked how it can be used with the main consoles that are available today (Xbox One, Ps4, Nintendo 3DS, PC’s, laptops, tablets, and phones). The sound quality available with these headphones are fantastic.

They allow teens to have a noise isolating experience which immerses them into their games and lets them hear everything in clarity. A microphone is also available which lets teens clearly communicate to others due to the noise canceling feature.

  • Comfortable over ear design 
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Compatible with all the main consoles    
  • Teens have been loving these headphones!     
What makes this stand out?

We were impressed with how teens are able to immerse themselves into games due to the noise isolating feature. They’re also able to remain comfortable as a result of the over ear design.

Mini Flying Drone


This drone for teens comes with a remote that lets them have complete control over it. We liked how it’s easy to takeoff and land as a result of the one key feature.

In addition to this, the drone has 2 flying speeds available. So, beginners can stick with the slower speed until they’ve got to grips with the controls and are comfortable to use the higher speed.

An altitude hold mode is available which keeps the drone hovering in the same place without having to touch the controller. Teenagers have also been having a blast using the 360-degree spinning feature that allows them to perform exciting midair stunts.

  • 360-degree stunts available 
  • One key feature for easy takeoffs & landings 
  • 2 flying speed modes included    
  • Propeller cases aren’t as durable as some would prefer     
What makes this stand out?

Teens have been loving how they can to get the hang of the controls by using the beginner features. They can then build their confidence by using the higher speeds and not relying on the one key takeoff and landing functions.

Phone Mount


This is a pretty versatile phone holder due to the fact that it can be used for a range of phones. It can be adjusted to securely hold your phone in place, regardless of its size.

We liked how there is a foam pad where you place your phone down. This is great for preventing any scratches.

  • Anti rust
  • Allows for hands free calls     
  • Some find it difficult to put their phone in and take it out
What makes this stand out?

We liked how you can mount this holder onto a range of different RAM stands. So, you can use it as a phone holder in your car or when you’re on a bike (depending on the RAM mount that you purchase).

Hunting Bow & Arrow Set


This recurve bow has been made with high quality wooden materials that provide it with the lightweight yet sturdy feeling. This is one of the elements that makes the bow look to elegant and comfortable.

We liked how it’s a good bow for beginners and people who are more advanced with bows. You’re able to choose a right or left hand orientation to ensure that you can shoot the bow comfortably and with more accuracy.

  • Instructions included
  • Drawback weight selections between 15 & 55 lbs
  • String can wear down over time                                           
What makes this stand out?

The brass bushings that are already installed are excellent for allowing you to add any upgrades down the line. You can add things like a plunger, sight quiver, stabilizer, and more. Having these options can keep the bow shooting experience fresh for teenage boys.

Kettle Bell Set 


17-year-olds who are into working out would be able to put this gift to good use. We liked how it comes with a weight adjustable feature. You can alter the weight in increments of 4 lbs between 16 and 36 lbs.

The weight adjustment system is patented and easy to use. It means that guys can use the kettle bell for different exercises that require different weights, while being able to use just one kettle bell.

  • Stable base
  • Encourages exercise
  • Can make noise when being used at times 
What makes this stand out?

The handle has been made with cast iron materials which keeps it durable and lets users have a solid grip. It’s also big enough to let teens hold it with 2 hands to perform different exercises.

Reaction Lightning Game


If you’re looking for a good gift for your 17 year old that enables him to have fun in groups with his friends, this shocking game could be a great option. It involves each player holding a handle and pressing the button in the middle.

The red light blinks and music plays for suspense. When the light turns green, everyone has to try and press their trigger button as quickly as they can. The last person to do so gets a shock!

You can alter the shock levels between low, medium, and high. We liked how it’s an exciting way to teens to be in groups together where they can improve their social skills.

  • Different shock levels available 
  • Helps with reaction times    
  • Plastic parts aren’t as durable as some were expecting     
What makes this stand out?

This is a fun gift that teenage boys have been having a blast with playing in groups. They are able to develop their reaction times, as well as their social skills.

Holy Stone Remote Control Drone


The Holy Stone drone is an excellent gift option that comes with an altitude hold feature that enables teens to let the drone hover in one place without having to touch the remote. A one key landing and takeoff feature is available too.

This is great for those who may not have flown drones before. It enables the drone to land and takeoff by itself. Furthermore, we liked how this drone has a mini design that can be folded.

Being able to fold the drone down into a more compact size is awesome for allowing teenagers to take it around with them to fly in different areas. A 360-degree spinning feature is available too, which users have been having a blast with.

  • Fun 360-degree spinning stunt feature 
  • One key landing & takeoff 
  • Easily portable    
  • Can be prone to drifting away when flown outside     
What makes this stand out?

We liked how this drone is easily portable and lets teens perform some incredibly fun midair stunts.

Shocktato Game 


If you’re after a game for 17 year olds that allows them to have fun in groups then this could be the perfect choice. It can be played by 2 or more people, which provides teens with a great group activity.

We found that it can be an effective way for them to work on their social skills and ability to work well in teams. There are 3 modes available that include Extreme, Normal, and Lame.

The Extreme one involves a lot more suspense, which can make for some pretty intense games. The Normal and Lame modes are made more for younger players. Teens love being able to throw the potato toy around to see who gets the shock.

  • Multiple modes available 
  • Great for parties    
  • Some teens get a little bored of it after a while     
What makes this stand out?

Teens that are aged seventeen are able to have a lot of fun throwing this Shocktato around in groups to see who gets shocked. It’s an exciting way for them to develop their social skills.

Star Wars Lightsaber 


17-years-old boys who are fans of Star Wars would love receiving this as a present. It’s Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the movies and it has been made to look just like the real thing.

It comes with lighting and sound effects that make it even more realistic. People have been surprised to find how accurate the sound effects are to the movies.

  • Instructions included
  • Durable metal hilt    
  • Can use up a lot of batteries 
What makes this stand out?

A stand is included with this lightsaber. Therefore, boys are able to put the lightsaber up on display and it can look awesome.

Samsung Smartwatch


This smartwatch comes with a fantastic waterproof design that’s effective for up to 50 meters. So, teens can wear it while in the rain, shower, or when they’re swimming in a pool.

We liked how it comes with fitness apps that allow boys to keep track of their fitness. It allows them to set new goals to beat and stay on top of their fitness. They’re also able to listen to their favorite songs as the smartwatch can store music.

In addition to this, the watch can be used with iOS and Android devices without any wires. Teens can simply turn the Bluetooth mode on and effortlessly connect the watch to their phones.

  • Water resistant 
  • Bluetooth compatible 
  • Fitness apps available    
  • Some people were disappointed with the battery life     
What makes this stand out?

If you’re looking for a present for your teenage boy who is into fitness, this Smartwatch could be a great choice. It lets them keep track of their fitness, while also being able to use it in wet conditions.

Leather Bracelet


This bracelet is one of several unique gift ideas for teen guys. We were impressed with how it has been made using such high-quality materials. As a result, teens are able to wear it all day and feel comfortable. There is a slipknot that can be used to adjust the fitting of the bracelet as well. So, no matter the size of a boy’s wrist, they’ll be able to adjust it to fit them perfectly.

A Cross Pendant is available to design the bracelet as well. Therefore, it could make for an excellent present for Christmas and for guys who are Christians.

  • Easily adjustable 
  • Soft & comfortable 
  • Great design    
  • Some find it feels a little rigid     
What makes this stand out?

Guys have been loving how they’re able to wear this bracelet all day and feel comfortable due to the high-quality soft materials. They can also adjust how the bracelet fits.

Colster by YETI 


The stainless steel materials used to construct this colster is effective at keeping it durable for longer. Therefore, you can be sure to use it when you’re out and about.

The double wall vacuum insulation feature is effective at keeping hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool. Even when you’re out in high temperatures, the colster will work to keep your drink cool.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits into cup holders 
  • Tends to fit best with soda cans more
What makes this stand out?

The 14 oz capacity is something that users have been loving. It allows you to fill up the colster with plenty of liquid to last them for a while.

LEGO Arc De Triomphe 


These Legos enables older guys to construct a small version of the Arc De Triomphe. It comes with a range of Lego pieces and set of instructions that can keep teen guys engaged for hours.

The building process can be an excellent way to improve their concentration. This set is also compatible with other Lego sets. So, teens can combine structures and build with even more imagination.

Once they’ve finished building this set, they’re able to put it on display as it looks spectacular. An informational booklet is also available that’s awesome for teaching teens the history of the building.

  • Educational booklet included 
  • Can be used with other Lego sets 
  • Encourages imaginative thinking    
  • Smaller than some were hoping for     
What makes this stand out?

This is a fantastic Lego architecture set that inspires teens to build with more creativity. It also enable them to learn more about the Arc De Triomph.

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Gifts for 17 Year Old Guys

While reading through the list of gift suggestions that we’ve reviewed in this post, you will have been able to gain a better idea about the kinds of ones that you think would be best.

However, if you’re still not feeling completely confident about which present to choose, you’ll be interested to take a look at our buyers guide section.

We’ve included information surrounding the top types for different events, as well as how to go about choosing a present that has a more unique twist to it.

We understand how difficult it can be to find a present for a 17 year old boy. They may have a range of interests and asking them what kind of gift they want can ruin the surprise. To feel more confident about making a final decision, have a read through the sections below.

What to Get a 17 Year Old Boy for Christmas?

As far as xmas gifts for 17 year olds go, we advise that you go with something that enables multiple people to get involved such as the board games we’ve covered. This is because Christmas is a time of the year where the family is getting together and having fun.

In addition to this, guys have been having a ton of fun when it comes to flying drones. The drones that are available for older teenagers are a lot of fun because they usually come with higher speeds. Young men are also able to have a blast performing midair stunts that come as a standard feature with many of these drones.

The weights set we’ve reviewed would also be a good option if your son is involved in high school sports of any kind.



What to Get a Guy for His 17th Birthday?

When it comes to a boy’s 17th bday, there are tons of options that you could decide to go with and obviously it’s a good idea for you to try and figure out what they’re interested in before shopping.

For example, if they love to play video games, any one of the headsets or virtual reality sets that we’ve reviewed would be superb choices.

If you’re buying birthday gifts for a boy who’s athletic, a the fitness track we’ve covered could make for a great gift. These allow them to stay on top of their exercise by being able to track their statistics.

When a birthday party with family and friends is happening, it can always be fantastic idea to find a gift that groups of people can enjoy playing with together. Therefore, one of the shocking game we reviewed would be awesome. They’re fast-paced, super fun, and you can be sure that they will get some hilarious responses from people.



What Are Unique Gift Ideas for a 17 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything?

As if finding regular gifts for a teenage boy wasn’t hard enough – how should you go about finding gifts that are more unique if the guy you’re buying for already has seems to have everything?

In our review we’ve included a range of awesome presents that have a unique aspect to them that teenage boys have been loving including

Unique snack packs are great because guys can never have enough tasty treats so the beef jerk lover pack we’ve covered is a great unique gift idea. The hunting bow is also something most guys don’t typically have but would be interested in. Even a cool high tech Bluetooth speaker may be a good option to replace a lower quality speaker they got at a younger age!



What Are The Most Popular Types of Gifts for Teen Boys?

While reading through our review above, you will have noticed that there are a range of different gift ideas available. To learn more about the most popular types and what makes them distinguishable, have a quick read below.

RC Drones 

RC drones are a lot of fun for a young man to fly around in open spaces, as well as indoors. We’ve reviewed some great drones in this post that have mini designs and folding features.

This enables teens to pack it up and take it around with them to fly in different locations. The drones for teenagers also have more speed and have stunt features which makes them more fun to use.


Gaming stuff makes for fun gifts for 17-year-old boys who are into electronics. Your boy will certainly appreciate receiving a gaming headset or virtual reality set. The headsets in our review provide teenagers with incredibly high sound quality that lets them hear new things in games that they’ve never heard before. The microphones also let them speak to others clearly for a better gaming experience.

With the virtual reality sets, teens are able to completely immerse themselves in the game. They are able to look around 360-degrees and have a lot of fun playing new games.


Teenage guys who are sporty will find smartwatches very useful in their daily lives. They let boys track their stats to make sure that they’re always aiming to beat them and improve.

Furthermore, the paddles set and football are great presents for sporty teenagers. The football is fantastic for enabling them to sharpen their skills to play better on the field. Whereas the paddles set is more for teens to have fun playing outdoors and being more active together.

Building Sets

Building sets can be a fun process for teens to be involved with building. They’re great for developing a teen’s ability to concentrate for longer. The sets that can be combined with others are also excellent for encouraging them to build and think with more creativity.

Snack Packs

17 year old guys love tasty treats, especially beef jerky, nuts and candy. Since there are plenty of snack packs on Amazon that come with variety of stuff this would be a good choice that you really can’t go wrong with.

Final Thoughts on Good Stuff for 17 Year Boys 

So that was our list of the best gift ideas for a 17 year old young man. We hope that you enjoyed it and it provided you with some new gift giving ideas. Before making a final decision be sure to consider all the main features, pros, cons, and the aspects that make each option stand out.

Hopefully, all of the information in our review has helped to make you feel confident about making a final choice on which present you decide to buy for you teenage boy!