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Best RC Rock Crawlers & Scalers for 2024

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Regular RC cars can be fun for kids, however, when it comes to rock crawlers, it opens up your little one’s world to a host of new adventures and possibilities. This is because remote control rock crawlers are specifically designed for harsh off-road terrain.

So, if you were interested to learn more about what the top options have to offer, you’ll want to check out this review. A buyers guide section it also available at the end that provides you with more useful info.

Our List of the Top Remote Control Rock Crawlers


Danchee Ridgerock Electric Rock Crawler


The Danchee Ridgerock comes with 4 wheel steering allowing this vehicle to crawl over just about everything in its path. It has a lightweight plastic chassis, multi-link suspension, motors on the axles, aluminum capped oil filled shocks.

This rock crawler can be height adjusted, toe angle adjusted, and has a plastic roll cage and off road tires. The Ridgerock has a realistic crawler body. It has a 2.4Ghz radio and a Lithium Ion battery.

  • This rock crawler crawls over rocks and up slopes well
  • The Ridgerock is a great value and can be purchased for a reasonable cost
  • This Remote controlled vehicle has precise steering and control
  • The Ridgerock needs to be driven with care and skill making it a rock crawler that is not designed for younger children
What age is this recommended for?

This RC vehicle is best suited for children ages 14 and up

What makes this stand out?

The Danchee Ridgeway is a remote controlled rock crawler that takes care and skills to operate properly.


Remote Control Monster Truck


The NQD remote control monster truck is made from durable plastic and operates on 2.4Ghz. It’s a 4 wheel off road rock crawler with front and rear motors, 2 rechargeable batteries with each battery providing you with 45 minutes of continuous use. This durable little truck also has non slip tires, suspension shock absorbs and a USB charging line. Each battery charges in about 3 hours. The gun shaped remote requires 2AA batteries.

  • This monster truck is pretty durable especially for the price
  • The battery life for this vehicle is excellent
  • It’s easy to work the controls for this truck
  • Some people have battery charging problems
What age is this recommended for?

This monster truck is suitable for children ages 8 years and up


Laegendary Legend 4 X 4 Monster Truck


The Legend monster truck is a 1:10 scale model rock crawler that comes fully assembled and ready to tackle all types of terrain. This waterproof truck comes fully assemble and can reach speeds up to 30mph. With oil filled metal shocks and heavy duty wheels and easy to use pistol shaped 2.4 Ghz radio remote controller this truck is ready to tackle your backyard, the beach or the local park. This truck travels at 2 speeds.

  • This truck runs on any possible terrain
  • This monster truck runs fast
  • The steering of the Legend is very responsive
  • This truck has some problems with the wheels breaking off
What age is this recommended for?

The manufacturer recommends that the Legend be operated by children aged 14 and up, but many parents find that children as young as 8 can learn to drive this truck.

What makes this stand out?

Users like the fact that this truck is both waterproof and fast making it extremely fun to use.


SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road RC Truck


This SZJJX off-road truck comes in your choice of blue, green or red. This vehicle has a strong motor that makes the vehicle easy to complete difficult moves. The rubber tires are made from soft elastic PVC material which grips extremely well. This vehicle comes with a 2 Ghz controller, 2 batteries for double time running the machine, 4 wheel drive and independent suspension. This vehicle runs about 15 to 20 minutes on a 2 to 3 minute charge.

  • Dual battery for extra play time with this remote control truck
  • It’s inexpensive
  • This truck is capable of running through shallow water
  • This is an extremely slow vehicle with a poor battery life
What age is this recommended for

The SZJJX is recommended for children ages 8 years and up, however some parents find it appropriate for children as young as 4.

What makes this stand out?

This remote controlled truck is an inexpensive starter Remote Control vehicle that is perfect for first time users.


All-Terrain Off-Road Rock Crawler Buggy


This remote control all terrain off-road rock crawler buggy has a powerful brush 540 motor. This buggy can run up to 32 mph and features 4 wheel drive, independent suspension for various racing games, a 2.4 GHz radio controller. The Remote control can control the car up to 100 meters.

This buggy can handle multiple terrains, and runs on a 7.4 volt mAh Lithium Ion battery. This vehicle will run for 10 to 20 minutes continuously.

  • This buggy is very reasonably priced
  • It is water resistant allowing it to run on types of terrain
  • You can replace the parts if they break
  • This rock crawler is not very durable
What age is this recommended for?

The WLtoys RC cars all terrain off-road rock crawler buggy is best suited to children ages 14 years and up

What makes this stand out?

Many users like the fact that you can purchase replacement parts for this vehicle.


Cheerwing Rock Crawler Monster Truck

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


The Cheerwing rock crawler measures 10.5” X 6.2” X5.1” and features crawling technology, strong shocks, front wheel alignment, front and rear motors and over sized rubber tires. This monster truck requires 4 AA batteries and another 3AA batteries are needed for the 2.4 GHz transmitter.

This rock crawler is built on a 1:18 scale and has 20 minutes run time on a 5 to 6 hour charge.

  • The tires have the power to grip well on various terrains
  • This truck is very affordable
  • Charges pretty quickly
  • This rock crawler is not super durable
What age is this recommended for?

This truck is recommended for children age 8 and up

What makes this stand out?

The Cheerwing monster truck is inexpensive making it the ideal rock crawler for younger children.


DeerC Cars RC Road Rock Crawler

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


This DeerC road rock crawler features 4 wheel drive, anti-skid rubber tires, front and rear suspension, ream fog steaming, 4 LED lights with 5 LED lighting modes and a dropper to add water.

This 1:12 remote controlled car comes with 2 high capacity 7.4 500mAh batteries and 2.4GHz remote controller. This car runs 20 minutes per charged battery and each battery requires 2 to 3 hours charging time. The remote controller also uses 2AA batteries.

  • The steam from this car is a fun feature as are the lights
  • This car has 2 batteries allowing for longer overall run time
  • This vehicle is reasonably priced
  • This car doesn’t hold up exceptionally well
What age is this recommended for?

This RC road rock crawler is recommended for kids 8 years old and up, but it can be used by even younger children.

What makes this stand out?

The steam and light features of this off-road vehicle makes it more fun for young children.


Double E Remote Control Off-Road Monster Truck

The Double E monster truck features dual powerful motors, anti-slip tires, shock absorbers, 4 suspension links, front lights 2 6V/800m|Ah rechargeable batteries for 60 minutes of driving time and USB charging cable.

This powerful truck can climb a 45 degree slope making it a fun truck to use in the yard, park or at the beach. This truck’s batteries charge in about 2 hours.

  • This truck can climb over anything that is 6 inches or less
  • This remote controlled vehicle is pretty rugged for the price
  • It sells for an affordable price
  • This truck moves fairly slow
What age is this recommended for?

This remote controlled rock crawler is recommended for children age 8 or 9, but children as young as 6 can run this car easily.

What makes this stand out?

This vehicle is extremely affordable and can easily be driven by very young children.


Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt


The Axial SCX10 ll Deadbolt RC crawler has been made specifically for off-road riding, which is why people have been loving how it handles so well. We liked how there’s a compact gear transmission feature that provides kids with a selection of gear options.

This is one of the features that makes it so great for off-road driving. There’s a 35T brushed motor that provides children with plenty of power to have fun with outdoors for hours.

Furthermore, while kids are using the remote to control the toy, their motor skills and hand-eye coordination are provided with a fantastic opportunity to develop well.

  • Great gear options
  • Develops coordination & motor skills
  • Handles well off-road
  • Some people would prefer more durable tires
What age is this recommended for?

12 years old and over

What makes this stand out?

This is an awesome RC rock crawler that lets kids have precise control over the toy to have fun taking it across tricky trails.


Redcat Racing Everest Gen 7 Pro

Product Currently Out Of Stock!


We liked how this Redcat Racing Everest Gen 7 Pro has been fitted with fantastic LED lights. They make the experience more exciting for kids and stimulate their visual learning senses. In addition to this, there are scale accessories available to.

These are effective for making the RC vehicle have a realistic design, which can make it more fun for kids to play with. The accessories include an axe, shovel, spare tire, jack, fuel cans, and more.

In addition to this, we were impressed with how they have fitted Licensed Interco Super Swamper Tires as they are of a high standard. As a result, they provide the car toy with a lot of traction to ensure that kids have control.

  • Exciting LED lights
  • Fun accessories available
  • High-traction tires
  • Turning isn’t as precise as some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

11 years old and over

What makes this stand out?

Kids have been having a blast playing with this one due to the exciting LED lights and accessory items that are included. It enables them to play with a lot of imagination.


Night Crawler


The Night Crawler comes with lights at the front and rear that allow kids to use it to play at night. It’s also an exciting feature that stimulates your child’s visual learning senses. We also liked how there’s an exoskeleton cage and body as it provides the toy with a lot of durability.

In addition to this, they’ve used waterproof materials to ensure that the electronics on the inside are protected. The design of this one also looks incredibly realistic, which is a feature that kids have been appreciating.

Furthermore, while they’re using the remote to control this toy, your little one is provided with a fantastic opportunity to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • LED lights available
  • Exoskeleton cage for durability
  • Realistic design
  • Parts can be prone to overheating
What age is this recommended for?

9 years and over

What makes this stand out?

The LED lights are awesome for letting kids play with this one at night as it’s a different experience. Moreover, the exoskeleton cage is fantastic for keeping the toy durable.

Buyers Guide to The Best Rock Crawlers for Kids

After reading through the different off-road RC rock crawlers that are available, you can be sure to narrow down your search to the ones that stick out to you the most. However, if you’re having a hard time doing so, don’t worry.

We’ve put together this buyers guide section to provide you with some additional information that will help you feel great about making a final decision.

Popular Types of Remote Control Rock Crawlers

Now that you have a better idea of what the top remote control rock crawlers have to offer, you will have seen that there are a number of different types available. To be able to easily distinguish between these types, take a quick look at the section below.

4×4 Trucks

There is a range of 4×4 trucks in this review because they come with a 4-wheel drive feature which is incredibly effective at providing the toy with stability. As a result, your little one can control it more precisely while taking it off-road.


Jeeps are a fun option due to the fact that they have been made with incredibly realistic designs. As a result, kids can have a slightly different playing experience which allows them to play with more imagination and improve their creative thinking skills.


Buggies are another fun choice that have also been made with a realistic design. Therefore, kids have a lot of fun using it outdoors and feeling encouraged to use it to explore more and have fun.

Gas Powered

The gas powered rock climbers are recommended more for older kids or those who have had more experience with these kinds of toys. This is because they tend to be more powerful, which can be too much for a younger or inexperienced child to handle.

Battery Powered

The options in this review are battery powered because they are better suited for children. They can still use them at high speeds and have a blast, but the top speeds available are always manageable.

Top Brands of RC Crawler Cars

So, now that you know a little more about what the different kinds of RC crawlers have to offer, you may be interested to learn about the various brands that are available. If so, the section below is for you.


Axial was founded in 2005 and has been focused on making RC toys that are innovative and exciting to play with. They pride themselves on providing people with high-quality, reliable, and fun RC toys that they can use for years to come.


Traxxas has been manufacturing RC cars since 1986 and has established a fantastic reputation for themselves over the years. Traxxas RC Cars come in a completely assembled state which makes them convenient as you can take them straight out of the box and let your kids play with it.


Maisto is a fantastic brand that makes a range of different RC toys that kids have been having a blast with. Their off-road range includes trucks that are 1:24 scale and have realistic designs.The tires of their rock crawlers are also larger to ensure that they can handle rough terrain.

Rock Crawler Kits

When it comes to rock crawler kits, they can be a fun way for you and your son or daughter to spend time building it together. As a result, it can make for some excellent bonding time that can also be effective at helping your child learn how to follow instructions and work in teams.

RC Rock Crawler Parts

RC rock crawlers are prone to being damaged, regardless of how durable their designs are. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep some replacement parts handy just in case. For example, if a tire gets badly damaged, swapping it out with a new one is a pretty straightforward job that avoids any delays.

Over time, suspension springs may start to become less effective, which would mean replacing it with new springs. These parts can easily be found online too for your convenience.

Final Thoughts on Radio Controlled Rock Crawlers for Kids

So that wraps up our review on what the best RC rock crawlers for kids have to offer. Be sure to use all of the main features, pros, cons, age recommendations, and what makes each one stand out.

Hopefully, all of the information that you need to feel awesome about making a purchase for your child can be found in this post!

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