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9 Best Lego Pirate Ships for 2024

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Are you struggling to find a Lego pirate ship for your kids? If so, you’re in the right place as we’ve put together a guide to what the top sets are and what they have to offer.

The guide includes a variety of Lego pirate sets to make sure that you’re provided with plenty of options to choose from. Picking a fun option can keep your child engrossed in the activity for hours on end.

They’re also able to improve their creative thinking skills and concentration abilities. After reading our review, you’ll be left with a clearer picture about which Lego ships to pick for your child to play with.

Our List of Super Fun PirateLego Ships

The following content includes our reviews of pirate ships by Lego including their main features, pros/cons, and age recommendations. A buyers guide section is available after the article which encompasses more information that can be useful when choosing the best Lego set for you child.


Lego Ship-In-A Bottle Set


This set comes with a total of 962 pieces for kids to assemble which means they can keep themselves busy for a while. The instructions included are easy to follow while still being challenging enough for kids to be engaged.

We also liked how a stand has been included. This stand can be used to let children put their finished model up on display to be proud of.

This pirate ship makes for a wonderful gift for 12 year old boys.

  • Compatible with other Lego kits
  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Some notice pieces are missing when delivered
What age is this recommended for?

11 years old and over


Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship


Children who are fans of Minecraft could have a blast building and playing with this set. It comes with 2 mini figures, a parrot, dolphin, turtle, and zombie figures. Therefore, there’s plenty for kids to play with and be creative.

With 386 pieces available, children are able to spend some time assembling the kit. This can be awesome for improving their ability to focus for longer.

  • Can be used with other Lego kits
  • Colorful design
  • A little smaller than some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

8 years and over


Pirates of the Caribbean Ship Set


This could be an excellent set for kid who love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as it has been made to look like the Silent Mary ship. There are 8 mini figures available that include Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Salazar, Carina, and more.

So, children can use the mini figures and ship to come up with pretend play scenarios for hours on end. This is great for inspiring them to think more creatively.

A more advanced Lego set this is suggested for 13 year old boys!

  • Accessory toys included
  • Challenging set with 2,200 pieces
  • More fragile than some would prefer
What age is this recommended for?

13 years and over


Lego Pirate Fort Set


This set comes with a range of 234 pieces so that children can spend some time constructing the pieces. You can expect your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination to develop well while building this set.

There are a variety of mini figures included with the set as well. Children can keep themselves entertained for hours by using the mini figures in creative play games.

We think this one makes for the perfect gift for a 6th birthday!

  • Awesome accessory toys included
  • Spring-loaded toy cannon available
  • Set falls apart easier than some would prefer
What age is this recommended for?

6 to 12 year olds


Angry Birds Lego Pirate Themed Set


Children are able to play with 4 mini figures along with the interactive features that are available with the finished ship model. There’s a catapult, moving paddles, and oars which are super fun for children to play with.

You can be sure that your kids can use the interactive features and mini figures to play with a lot of creativity. Not to mention, building the set is awesome for developing their motor skills and hand eye coordination.

  • Colorful design
  • Exciting accessories included
  • Some would prefer if the set was larger
What age is this recommended for?

7 to 14 years old


Treasure Island Lego Pirate Set


We liked how this set comes with a skull gate, cave, palm trees, a treasure chest, as well as a spring loaded toy cannon. In addition to this, there are mini figures and a crocodile figure included.

As a result, children are able to keep themselves entertained for hours on end by coming up with imaginative play scenarios. Their creative thinking skills are able to develop well with this set.

  • Fantastic accessories included
  • Construction improves motor skills & coordination
  • Smaller than some expected
What age is this recommended for?

5 to 12 years old


Pirate Soldiers Camp Set


We liked how this set features a small structure that can be built with mini figures, and an octopus figure. These are exciting elements that children can use to play creatively.

Putting the 164 pieces together is also great for helping children to work on their hand eye coordination and motor skills.

  • Spring loaded toy cannon
  • Fun accessories included
  • Some were hoping the set would be larger
What age is this recommended for?

5 to 12 year olds


Roller Coaster Set


This set features 923 pieces which is fantastic for providing your children with a large project to work on. Their ability to focus for longer can be improved while assembling this set.

When it’s finished, children can play with a pirate themed roller coaster, ticket booths, and 4 mini figures. Therefore, they can use their imagination while playing to keep themselves entertained for hours.

We think this set makes the perfect toy for 9 year old girls that have taken an interest in Legos!

  • Can be used with other Lego sets
  • Roller coaster can be rebuilt into different models
  • Design could be sturdier
What age is this recommended for?

9 to 13 years old


Whitecap Bay Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Set


Kids who love Pirates of the Caribbean could have a blast building and playing with this set It comes with a total of 746 pieces which makes it quite a large set that children can work on for a little while.

When the set has been constructed, children are left to play with a variety of mini figures that include Captain Jack Sparrow, a mermaid figure, and more. Furthermore, we liked how there are interactive features, such as the cannon that shoots out a net.

  • Inspires creative play
  • Exciting light brick included for the lighthouse
  • Tower feels flimsy
What age is this recommended for?

7 to 12 years old

Buyers Guide to Choosing Good Pirate Lego Ships

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our review of some of the best pirate ship toys that Lego have to offer, you’ll be able to have an easier time picking the one that’s best for your child.

However, if you’re not feeling completely certain on which one to pick, check out the buyers guide below. It includes more information that can prove useful when it comes to selecting a toy set that your kids can have a blast with.

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Lego Pirate Ships?

While reading through our review and doing any research of your own, you will have seen that there are a few different types of Lego sets available. To gain a better idea about what these are and the differences between them, check out the section below.

Themed Sets

We’ve included a variety of themed sets in our review as they come with familiar designs that children can have a lot of fun with. Some of the most popular pirate Lego sets include ones that have been modeled from the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.

There are also sets that have been designed after Angry Birds that kids have been loving. Children can use these sets to recreate their favorite scenes from the movies which encourages them to be more imaginative.

Interactive Sets

There are some excellent interactive sets in our review that come with moving features and toy cannons that have spring loaded designs to shoot things out. These are exciting features that make the sets more interactive for kids to play with.

As a result, you can expect them to be highly creative with how they play with the set by implementing these interactive features.

Display Sets

Sets that can be put up on display can be super rewarding for children. They’re able to spend time putting the pieces together by following the instructions before being able to put their work on display to be proud of.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing With Lego Pirate Ship Sets?

Children can experience several fantastic benefits while playing with these toys. Below, you can learn more about what these benefits are to identify which sets provide the best benefits for your kids to experience.

Creative Thinking

Thinking more creatively is one of the biggest benefits to letting children play with Lego sets. They’re able to put their creative thinking skills to good use during the construction phase as well as when they’re finished and playing with the set.

This is especially the case if the set has mini figures. Children can use the mini figures to interact with the rest of the set and accessories to come up with imaginative and exciting scenarios.


When children are constructing their Lego set, they’re given a great opportunity to focus on a specific task by following the instructions and assembling their kit. As a result, their ability to concentrate can be boosted as they’re having fun in the process.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our review of what some of the best pirate Lego ships have to offer. You’ll now have a better idea about the kinds of features that these sets include to help you pick the set that stands out to you as being the best.

These sets can be great fun for kids to use and keep themselves engaged in an activity for hours. Hopefully, the details found throughout our review and buyers guide have been useful in ensuring you can make a confident final decision.

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