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LeapFrog com mypals2: Personalize LeapFrog Scout & Violet

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LeapFrog.com/mypals2 – Sometimes children’s toys can feel impersonal with them being mass-produced with a lack of customization. In a time where many things are customizable and personalizable, what if you wanted your infant or toddler to feel special while also teaching them important lessons like how to identify and spell their name while also creating a sense of friendship and companionship?

If you want a toy that is special to your infant or toddler that can say their name and some of their favorite things, consider LeapFrog’s MyPals Scout and Violet. These green and violet plush puppies are personalizable toys for children with various functions and capabilities that will utilize the specifications you make during the setup process at www.LeapFrog.com/mypals2 so your infant or toddler can have a Scout or Violet that is for them and them only.


Our Review of  My Pals Scout & Violet Customization at LeapFrog.com/mypals2

The customization process for your child’s MyPals Scout or Violet is easy and streamlined, ready to set up with a computer, tablet, or phone straight out of the box using a connection cable located at the very back.

First, you will be prompted to sign up for an LeapFrog Scout & Violet account at LeapFrog.com/mypals2 where you give your details as a parent.

After this, you will be prompted to give your child’s name or nickname and grade, which is especially important because your child’s name or nickname will be pronounceable by Scout and Violet. If the name you input is not pronounceable by their database, you will have to choose a different name or variation.

After specifying your child’s name or nickname, you will then be prompted to help Scout or Violet learn about what your child likes best, where you select from drop-down menus their favorite food, animal, and color. All these details will be used by Scout and Violet to engage with your child in ways specific to them.


MyPals Scout and Violet Activities and Capabilities

When you do the set-up process and give your child’s name or nickname, it specifies the spelling separate from the pronunciation, which is so that, when pressing the puppy’s top right paw, they will sing a song in which they spell your child’s name.

MyPals Scout and Violet are not able to pronounce every name. Therefore, a nickname might be necessary. Another hack might be to find a spelling that approximates your child’s name while specifying the actual spelling when prompted.

By pressing the top left paw, your child can engage with fifteen separate learning activities that help them learn their first words, their first animals, and much more when pressing the top left paw. “Can you guess what I am?” Scout of Violet might ask, imitating the sounds of a particular animal for your child to guess. The food, animal, and color you input as your child’s favorites will be used during these activities, adding that personalized touch to their learning.

For bedtime, you can press the bottom left paw and set the timer for Scout and Violet to play lullabies, during which they will say “Goodnight” directly to your child using their name.


Creating a Sense of Friendship

MyPals Scout and Violet will take many opportunities to use your child’s name in ways that create a sense of friendship and closeness with their plush puppy that other toys lack. For example, using your child’s name, Scout and Violet will say “I love you” and “Goodnight” directly to them, which is especially important for children who develop close relationships with their plush toys.

Quality of Sound

You might be concerned with the quality of sound when Scout and Violet speak, especially when pronouncing your child’s name. Fortunately, when speaking your child’s name, Scout and Violet do not sound static or robotic. Instead, they sound like young children themselves with clear and easy-to-understand vocalizations that your child will be able to comprehend and identify as human.

During the setup process after login at LeapFrog.com/mypals2, you can make sure your child’s Scout or Violet can easily and correctly pronounce your child’s name by clicking an audio button to preview how their name will be said.


Scout and Violet Variations and Upgrades

The Summer 2014 models of My Pals Scout or Violet have a connection for an audio jack, whereas older models have a mini-USB connection. The upgrade to the audio jack makes it easy to hook up to your phone or tablet for easy setup. But if you have a phone that does not have an audio jack or mini-USB connection, an adapter can be used for either version.


Concluding Thoughts on LeapFrog’s My Pals Scout & Violet

LeapFrog’s MyPals Scout and Violet is the perfect solution to wanting a personalized plush toy for your child to encourage learning and social connections from an early age. Long gone are the days when plush toys are lifeless and silent. Bring home your very own Scout or Violet and give your child the joy of a soft friend that will engage them in play and educate them on their favorite things.

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