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How to Activate Your Indigo Credit Card?

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The Indigo credit card is a popular unsecure credit card for families who have a poor credit history. Once you have applied and been approved you need to activate your card before you can access the credit limit provided. Here we will talk you through the Indigo credit card activation process is straightforward and ensures you can use your new card within a couple of minutes of receiving it in the mail.


How Do I Activate My Indigo Credit Card

Understanding how to activate your card is the first step towards being able to use it. Until your card is activated it cannot be used for security protection. There are two different ways to activate your card, by phone or online, and both ensure your card is ready to use quickly.


How To Activate My Indigo Credit Card Online

To activate your Indigo credit card you need to have a registered account with the company. You can register on their website and then visit indigocard.com/activate to access the Indigo credit card activation process. Once you visit the page you can follow the instructions provided in the “Activate Card” menu.

The activation process involves entering your long card number from your new card and also the security code or CVV. You may need to enter social security number and date of birth to confirm your identity.


How To Activate My Indigo Credit Card By Phone

Many people prefer to activate their credit card using their phone. The process is quick and allows you to use your card as soon as you end the call. The credit card activation line is (800) 353-5920. You will need to confirm your social security number and also your card number and security code from your card.


Common Questions About The Indigo Credit Card

People are often able to get an Indigo credit card when they have been refused elsewhere. Here we’re looking at some of the most popular questions regarding this credit card.


What Credit Score Do I Need To Get An Indigo Credit Card?

We cannot know for certain as all credit providers consider a number of factors when deciding whether they can offer a line of credit to a customer. However, people with score of 300 to 670 on the FICO scale may be eligible for this card. It is known for being an option for people with limited or low credit.


Will The Indigo Credit Card Help Build My Credit Score?

Not on its own, but it can be useful starting point and if you make on-time monthly payments, you begin to demonstrate your financial responsibility and this can reflect positively on your credit score.


How Do I Contact The Customer Services Department About My Indigo Credit Card?

You can access a lot of support from the Indigo team via your online account, once logged in you can send secure messages and access a wide range of help and information. You can also telephone their customer services line on 1-800-353-5920.


Activate My Indigo Credit Card Today at Indigocard.com/activate

Your Indigo credit card is ready to use as soon as you complete the activation process. As we’ve shown above it is quick and easy and you will be able to use your new credit line within minutes of completing the process. Visit indigocard.com/activate to get started.