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Pigtails Pals Completes Acquisition of doodleBuckets

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Pigtail pals today announced the strategic merger with doodleBuckets, a website with a long standing history in the toy and gifts space.

The operating manager of pigtailpals.com had this to say about acquisition

“We are excited about the prospects of growth after merging with doodleBuckets. We have long been an admirer of doodleBuckets and what it stands for. We believe that this only stands to strengthen both of our brands moving forward.

After a long and tedious road of looking for synergistic targets we have finally found the brand that without exception fits perfectly. It is our expectation that the synergistic qualities between brands will help us grow to new heights together.

Through this strategic merger we believe that their wide reaching brand recognition will help us achieve our growth initiatives that were set forth in late the summer of 2018.”

In the immediate term the doodleBuckets website and brand will be migrated and rolled in to pigtailpals.com while the old Pigtail Pals website will no longer exist.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, per company standards.

About doodleBuckets

doodleBuckets was dedicated to making playtime better for children of all ages by helping parents to find the best toys and gifts for children of all ages from newborn to 21 year old college kids. In working to achieve this goal in less than 2 years the company revamped its website from a mom and baby gift store and produced over 200 high-quality long from reviews of the top toys and gifts for babies, kids & teens. Their staff worked relentlessly from 2017 to 2019 in order to help assist parents for the 2019 holiday shopping season.

About Pigtail Pals

Pigtail Pals was started in 2009 and has been a successful online gift and apparel shop for kids. The company has been featured in numerous news publications including CNN, Forbes, Fox News, NPR, Buzzfeed and many others for its work regarding redefining what it means to be ‘girly’ and pushing back against sexualization of girls from a very young age along with fighting to end gender stereotypes in the toy industry. Their goal has been to spread the word to parents about avoiding gender role and letting girls (and boys) be who they want to be. Letting them be fully awesome by being who they are!

For more information please see the Pigtail Pals about page. If you have any questions you can use the contact page to get in touch with the company.

About Jesse

Jesse has over a decade of experience reviewing products and toys in particular. Growing up in a large family with many little cousins and nephews he has a keen eye for picking out great gifts for kids. Over the years Jesse has developed an understanding of exactly what consumers want to see in a review in order to help them in their buying decisions. Sheryl and Jesse have worked together to craft the toy and gift guides here on Pigtail Pals! Jesse also spent several years as a full-time personal care assistant employed at "The Dream Works" working with Autistic adults including his older brother.