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16 Best Toys for 8 Year Olds in 2020

The following gifts are some of the best indoor and outdoor gifts for any time of year. Some of these gifts would be great for indoors, some would be great for outdoors, and many are great both inside and out!

The gifts included on this list have been highly rated by hundreds and often thousands of those who have purchased them!

Our List of Great Gifts and Toys for 8 Year Olds

Now that we’ve covered what this gift guide is about lets get to the list so you can find some great stuff for the young man you’re shopping for. If you look through the list and are still unsure about what to get your boy and need additional help there is a buying guide at the end, which is designed to inspire further thought and help you choose something he will love!


Kids RT628s Walkie Talkies Set


These small and easy to use Walkie Talkies are great to use both inside and out. With an LCD display, channels are easy to see, even at night. Because they have a VOX function and built-in belt clip, children have the option of using them hands-free on-the-go. They are powered by 3 AA batteries.

  • Few buttons on the walkie-talkies make them easy to use for anyone
  • Keypads can be locked on these devices to avoid accidentally changing channels
  • Children can communicate with other RT628s sets you may decide to purchase
  • Power supply is either 3 AA batteries
  • Shorter communication range compared to higher end models

Kids Dart Board Game


This relatively compact targeting game is designed to be both fun and safe for an 8 year old. Rather than worrying about sharp and potentially dangerous darts, children throw plastic balls wrapped with adhesive loops. This is an excellent activity for inside on rainy days or outside when the weather is more cooperative.

  • Easy to use, essentially no assembly required
  • Can be used as a device for helping children improve math skills
  • The size of the board could be larger
  • Additional balls need to be purchased separately

Jenga Wood Block Game


The classic wood block stacking and tumbling tower game is a great game for children who are celebrating an 8th birthday. It is not only fun, but a great way for children to improve fine motor skills. This game comes with 54 wooden blocks and is stored in a stacking sleeve.

  • Can be played with 1 or many players
  • Great for a variety of ages
  • Small parts may not be appropriate for families with very young children

Betheaces Kids Toy Hover Soccer Ball Set


This indoor hover soccer set is a great game for indoor play for young children. It comes with 2 portable goals, a soccer ball, basketball, and a hovering soccer ball that makes it more exciting than a typical soccer game. Its LED light even makes it possible to play with at night.

  • Can be played indoors or outdoors
  • LED glowing lights make for exciting night games
  • Can be played on tile, wood, or carpet
  • The goal is relatively small compared to the hovering ball
  • Some assembly required (the goal)

Kids Against Maturity Card Game


This card game is simple to play and great for kids and adults. Played much like the popular Cards Against Humanity card game it includes age-appropriate humor and innuendo that makes it fun for anyone, but especially a kid aged 8.

  • Great indoor game for rainy days
  • Parents can play with their children
  • Some flatulence jokes are included that some parents may find inappropriate
  • Best with multiple players

Jumbo Checkers Board Game


This 3-in-1 game allows your eight year old to play Tic-Tac-Toe, Super Tic-Tac-Toe, and Giant Checkers. The rug on which the game is played measures 28” x 28”, and includes a Tic Tac Toe board on one side, and a checkerboard on the other. Comes with 12 red checkers, and 12 black checkers.

  • Rug is machine washable
  • Easy to use indoors
  • Game can travel well
  • Like any checkers game, there are numerous pieces to keep track of

IQ Builder STEM Learning Toy


This creative construction engineering is great to fuel the desire in an 8 year old to build and explore ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It comes with 3 instructions e-Books that provide instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced builders.

  • Numerous options allow for hours of fun and learning
  • Helps build skills in a variety of STEM topics
  • 164 piece kit may make clean up a challenge
  • Small pieces may be inappropriate for homes with very young children

Creativity for Kids Paper Airplane Squadron


This paper airplane kit allows children to create and customize up to 20 paper airplanes. This is great for parties or any time kids want to stretch their creativity. It includes a variety of stickers to decorate each airplane as desired. There are also instructions included to learn how to build several different types of paper airplanes.

  • Inexpensive
  • Fun for large groups
  • Airplanes may not perform well outdoors on windy days
  • Smaller airplanes than some may desire.

Hasbro Connect 4


This classic game is great for 8 year olds, as well as other children who live in the home. It is easy to play with two players, and can be great for the development of planning and strategy for children.

  • Simple, easy-to-follow game
  • A Fun Gift for an 8 year old
  • Small pieces may not be appropriate for homes with younger children

Electronic Hot Potato Musical Game


This is an entertaining toy that allows children to play the classic hot potato game we all played as children. It includes an electronic plus potato stuffed with foam, 13 potato chip cards, 3 batteries, and an instruction manual. Music is played through the stuffed potato. Players toss the potato back and forth. When the music stops, the player holding the potato gets a potato chip. After 3 chips, the player is out.

  • Great for development and refinement of eye-hand coordination
  • Can be played with multiple different ages
  • May not be great for indoor spaces
  • Multiple players required

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes


These stunt planes are air powered, and fully powered by kids. With no batteries required, children can launch three different styles of planes into the air and watch the tricks the planes perform. The included launch stand can be adjusted to just about any angle.

  • Very easy set up
  • Unique toys for 8 year olds
  • Gathering the rockets between launches can become tedious
  • Rockets cannot be purchased separately/individually

Math Puzzle App


This app-based STEM game is an Augmented Reality (AR) STEM gaming kit that allows for hands-on learning. It works with a variety of different devices, and comes with a foldable gamepad, 1 Count Spike, 4 arithmetic operators, and 2 sets of digits (0 to 9). The difficulty of this game can be adapted for a variety of ages, and is appropriate for children of 5 – 10 years old.

  • Utilizes technology children often in a novel manner
  • Can be utilized as a child ages
  • Technology required for use
  • Not ideal for children who may require limited screen time

The Floor is Lava Interactive Game


The Floor is Lava is an interactive version of the classic game of the same name in which players pretend the floor is hot lava. However, in this edition, players spin a color wheel to jump to the appropriate foam pieces to safety.

  • Can be played with as many as 6 players
  • Promotes physical activity for the entire family
  • Includes small parts which may not be appropriate in homes with very young children
  • Several users have complained about the smell of the tiles

Climbing Rope with Disc Swing


This toy for active children is designed to be installed over a strong branch, or even as part of a tree house. It includes a circular rubber bottom disc for swinging or standing, platforms to assist in climbing, and of course, rope. The rope is adjustable to fit in a variety of locations.

  • Helps develop and strengthen muscles
  • Can support up to 120 pounds
  • The swing can be lengthened to more than 10 feet
  • Only appropriate for outdoor use

Activ Flyer Flying Rings


The lightweight flying discs are a great gifts for 8 year boys and 8 year girls, and come in a variety of different colors to suit all tastes. At just 33 grams, these discs are much lighter than standard flying discs, which makes catching much easier and less painful. Because they also float in water, they are a great toy for the pool, beach, or lake.

  • Easy to throw, easy to use, and come in numerous colors
  • Helps children get outside and off electronic devices
  • Because they are lightweight, they may not fly well in exceptionally windy conditions

Buying Guide to Finding Great Toys for 8 Year Olds

In the list above you can find some great fun toys for both 8 year old boys and girls. Below you can find some tips if you’re still not sure what to get the child your buying for!

What Should You Get an 8 Year Old for Christmas? 

Below are what we think are good Christmas gifts for a child of this age.

What Are Good Toys for an 8th Birthday? 

It’s important to get your child a birthday gift they love so we’ve included our top 3 picks for 8th bday gifts just below.

Final Thoughts on Finding The Best Stuff for an Eight Year Old 

So that’s it for our list. We hope that it helps you save some time when gift shopping this year no matter thee ocassion and no matter whether you’re buying for a boy or girl!

Sheryl is a grandmother who has 3 adult children, many grandchildren and a large number of nieces and nephews. Over the decades Sheryl has purchased countless toys and gifts for her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Sheryl has a degree in communcations and creative writing and has been writing about toys and gifts for many years. Sheryl is excited to be part of the Pigtail Pals content and editorial team!

Jesse is a full-time content specialist with over a decade of experience reviewing products with an emphasis on toys and gifts for kids. Over his years of experience Jesse has developed an understanding of exactly what consumers want to see in a review in order to help make their buying decisions simpler. Sheryl and Jesse have worked relentlessly to craft the toy and gift guides here on Pigtail Pals!

In the past Jesse spent several years working as full-time personal care assistant working with Autistic adults including his older brother.

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