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Board Games for Children of All Ages

Board Games

Board games have been a classic among children for centuries and in a time of rapid technological development and an overwhelming amount of screen time they can play an even more important role in you childs growth and development. So if you’re a parent on the hunt for some of the best board games for your child know that they are incredibly educational and can help your child develop their social skills rather than sitting in silence and isolation playing video games or watching TV.

Whether it be for Christmas, a birthday gift or just because you want to get them something our guides below are an awesome place to begin your research and find a great game for you child. We have included shorter lists than most sites in an attempt to provide you with only the best of the best choices and not overwhelm you. This should help you make a decision quicker and actually get something your kid will enjoy more.

All of the information you need surrounding how each game is played, how many people can be involved, the recommended age ranges and even the developmental benefits are available to you.

At Pigtail Pals we take pride in saving parents time and reducing the stresses associated with toy and gift buying. So have a look through the guides below and get on with finding the best game for your boy or girl whether they’re a 2 year old or a teenager. There’s something for everyone below with each article separated out by age appropriateness.