Publishers Weekly has named 'Redefining Girly' one of the Best 100 Books of 2014.

Signed copy! "Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Stereotyping and Sexualizing of Girlhood, Birth to Tween" by Melissa Atkins Wardy + signed bookplate

Signed Book + Personalized Bookplate
Signed Book + Personalized Bookplate
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Signed Book + Personalized Bookplate
Acclaimed book "Redefining Girly" by Melissa Atkins Wardy is a road map for parents, families, and educators who are seeking direction in how to raise empowered and confident girls despite being surrounded by harmful media, marketing and cultural attitudes.

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"Melissa Wardy's book reads like a conversation with a smart, wise, funny friend; one who dispenses fabulous advice on raising a strong, healthy, full-of-awesome girl." -Peggy Orenstein, New York Times best-selling author of 'Cinderella Ate My Daughter'

"Taking on the media’s widespread stereotyping and sexualization of children—particularly girls—advocate Wardy offers a thoughtful, comprehensive guide to raising healthy, happy, confident children. She includes a savvy take on the consequences of “princess culture,” along with suggestions for gender-neutral toys, clothing, and parenting." —Publishers Weekly, Best Books of 2014

All-pink aisles in toy stores, popular dolls that resemble pole dancers, ultrasexy Halloween costumes in tween sizes. Many parents are increasingly startled and unnerved at how today's media, marketers, and manufacturers are sexualizing and stereotyping ever-younger girls, but feel powerless to do much about it. Mother of two Melissa Wardy channeled her feelings of isolation and frustration into activism-creating a website to sell T-shirts with girl-positive messages; blogging and swapping parenting strategies with families around the world; writing letters to corporate offenders; organizing petitions; and raising awareness through parent workshops and social media. Wardy has spearheaded campaigns against national brands and retailers that resulted in the removal of sexist, offensive ads and products.

Now, in Redefining Girly, she shares her parenting and activism strategies with other families concerned about raising a confident and healthy girl in today's climate. Wardy provides specific advice and sample conversations for getting family, friends, educators, and health care providers on your side; getting kids to think critically about sexed-up toys and clothes; talking to girls about body image; and much more. She provides tips for creating a home full of diverse, inspiring toys and media free of gender stereotypes; using your voice and consumer power to fight the companies making major missteps; and taking the reins to limit, challenge, and change harmful media and products.

"This eye-opening tome is an absolute must-read." —Starred review, Publishers Weekly

"Melissa Atkins Wardy writes with incredible insight, respect and honesty." —The Tribune (Greeley, CO)

"Redefining Girly is as interesting as it is educational, and Wardy provides parents with an easy, at times step by step guide on how best to respond to various scenarios relating to girlhood." —

"Redefining Girly is a bold and essential contribution to the discussion about today's "too fast, too soon" girl culture. Wardy applies the latest research on media literacy, sexualization, and marketing to everyday situations parents face and provides doable, practical strategies they can enact right now to raise strong, caring, confident daughters and to change a culture that devalues them. I hope that every parent of a girl reads this glorious book and takes this advice to heart." —Michele Borba, Ed.D.

"Grounded in her own experiences as a mother and activist, Melissa Atkins Wardy offers honest and clear strategies to help girls define and decide what being a girl means to them. This is a vital and trustworthy guide for supporting girls as they navigate the rising tide of gender stereotyping." -Deborah Tolman, professor of social welfare and psychology Hunter College School of Social Work and the Graduate Center, CUNY, and cofounder of SPARK

"Thank you Melissa Wardy for creating the ultimate handbook for raising awesome girls. With this book in hand, I no longer feel alone in my quest to raise girls who see a world full of potential. If you seek direction for raising a self-confident child, let this book be your compass." -Samantha Ettus Forbes Contributor, bestselling author and Founder of Working Moms Lifestyle